The Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre for Health Education Studies would not be possible without support of the following people who collaborated with me in its development and creation.

  • David M. Ardrey, Associate Director for Institutional Advancement, College of Education and Human Services
  • Dr. Dona R. Bachman, Director, SIUC University Museum
  • Dr. David A. Birch, Professor, Department of Health Education and Health Promotion, East Carolina University
  • Leah E. Broaddus, Assistant Professor of Library Affairs; University Archivist
  • Christine C. Cisco, Program Administrative Assistant, SIUC Health Education
  • Dr. Joyce V. Fetro, Chair and Distinguished Professor of Health Education, SIUC Health Education
  • Pamela S. Hackbart-Dean, Director, SIUC Morris Library Special Collections Research Center
  • Jeanette I Johnson, Web Master, SIUC College of Education and Human Services
  • Dr. Jeffrey D. Lorber, SIUC Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
  • Dr. Brandye Nobiling, Assistant Professor of Health Education, Salisbury University; Centre Senior Archivist
  • Dr. Kenneth Teitelbaum, Dean, SIUC College of Education and Human Services
  • Dr. Susan E. Tulis, Associate Dean, SIUC Morris Library
  • Dr. Elaine M. Vitello, Dean Emerita, SIUC College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Professor Emerita of Health Education
  • Dr. Susan Wooley, Executive Director, American School Health Association

Dr. Judy C. Drolet, Centre Director